Teen Angst

Let’s face it we’ve all been there and done it.

I started writing when I was probably about 14. Naturally, being a maelstrom of hormones, guitar riffs and closeted sexuality, the bulk of what I wrote was awful – forced rhyming, cliche in abundance, faux Shakespearean language. It wasn’t ever going to be great writing but of course at that age everything feels so profound.

Yesterday, I found an old writing pad – the exact one I used when I was 14. While it was a big laugh to see how utterly appalling most of it was, it also served as a nice reminder of where I began and how much I’ve progressed. It made me realise just how long I’ve actually been writing. Maybe I’ll post a couple pictures of some of the writing later on (mainly because I cringe every time I consider typing some of this stuff out).

How many other writers still have their old notebooks knocking around? Do you ever go back and look at them?


Love Letter to Hephaestus

And what is this except
the forge fires? The sparks
from the anvil?

Is this us – the outcasts;
one cripple, one victim?
Unlikely lovers in the haze
and sweat of this;

Fission. Fusing of metal;
of body and body in
fierce, thrusting heat.

Rhythmic beating of
hammers ringing through
our bones.

Don’t worry, my dear –
there is a place in this pantheon
for the pair of us and,
should they deny us,

we can raze its pillars;
break its spine and watch it fade
into the fires to be reforged.


I guess all writers get there inspiration from somewhere. For me, it is most definitely music. Don’t think its too much of a stretch to say my fascination with writing started with my music obsession. No matter what I choose to write about or how I write it, if I’m stuck or down with a case of writer’s block then I just plug my headphones in and let the music play.

What about everyone else? What inspires your writing? Is it music or life or something else entirely? Let me know, its always interesting to see what inspires other writers.


The scent of it
lingering on skin;
masking cologne
with a bolder scent.

Saturating cloth;
almost bone deep.

I sink into you –
twine with it;
that blast of La Bastilla
and lust
as one perfume.

An alchemy of us
that lingers in the air
of the kitchen
as the coffee brews.

Cheeks flush,
steam rises from cups;
drawing me – inexorably
back to your bed.


So, on the fourth time of trying, I’ve gotten round to making a wordpress blog.

I’m Jack and I’m a writer.


I love books and I’ve been trying to make a more professional blog for a long while now. Until this point, I’ve been using tumblr and it has gotten quite popular but now I want to go back to basics and start finding a new group of writers and book lovers to mingle with.

I’ll post my own writing, my thoughts and things like what I’m currently reading and about poetry/open mic nights I go to. There will probably be a fair bit of posting in April as I once again try and grind my way through NaPoReMo and write 30 poems in 30 days.

I hope you enjoy what I post and I look forward to reading what everyone here writes as well.