Teen Angst

Let’s face it we’ve all been there and done it.

I started writing when I was probably about 14. Naturally, being a maelstrom of hormones, guitar riffs and closeted sexuality, the bulk of what I wrote was awful – forced rhyming, cliche in abundance, faux Shakespearean language. It wasn’t ever going to be great writing but of course at that age everything feels so profound.

Yesterday, I found an old writing pad – the exact one I used when I was 14. While it was a big laugh to see how utterly appalling most of it was, it also served as a nice reminder of where I began and how much I’ve progressed. It made me realise just how long I’ve actually been writing. Maybe I’ll post a couple pictures of some of the writing later on (mainly because I cringe every time I consider typing some of this stuff out).

How many other writers still have their old notebooks knocking around? Do you ever go back and look at them?


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