April 2nd – Family Portrait

So for this I decided to get a little bit modern with the challenge. Rather than write the poem as though each stanza were a different person in the family I decided to play on the fact that I get comments on how I look like my dad, or how I have my mum’s eyes or how similar me and my sister are (though I’m hard pushed to see how). I centred it around myself and wrote as though I were describing the attributes of my family that others see in me. Hopefully it worked. Here it is:


I am – stern brow
etched across face
as if the lines were
hewn from a block
of Granite.
like steel wool
decline towards
the bridge of my nose
in such a way
I am mistaken
for my father.

I am – the darkness
of a Mahogany
in the eyes.
A heart’s worth of fire,
temperament to match.
Best intentions
in mind – at least
as often as can be kept.
Were you to look
into my eyes you
could see my mother
staring back.

I am –
The viper’s instinct
to bite
when threatened.
The want to perform;
to dance;
make music
and entertain.
When I speak
some say I speak
with my sister’s voice.

I am –
an amalgam of selves.



  1. Rob McShane · April 3, 2016

    Yep, for me this worked well. I can see your family through you. Like your interpretation of the prompt…


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