April 3rd – Fan Letter

So, for this challenge there was only really one person that came to mind when having to write a fan letter. Ginsberg was the first sort of ‘non-conventional’ poet I was exposed to and he’s been one of my favourites ever since so it only seems fitting that I chose him for this challenge so here it is:

F.A.O Allen Ginsberg

I wanted to be one of your angelheaded hipsters.
To be a poet in the same volatile way as you – that breath
of incense and taking substance to expand minds
and hallucinate a new way for words to
excite and collapse the status quo of what we know
as poetry.

I wanted to plant, just once, a kiss – like this
here, on your cheek and dangerously close to your lips
so that it might inspire another great work, so
that I might have my own Howl. I wanted to hear
the words for myself in a private reading. To feel that
self same beat that came charging from your veins
into print.

But I was born out of time. Left with just these
books and recorded recitals to know of what you left
for me to discover. I wanted to drink a toast with you
as only writers and boys like us do – intimately,
knowing that regret is something we’ll likely know
better than ourselves but are too drunk for inhibition
to sway us in any other direction than into
a strange bed.

I wanted to thank you face to face for existing.
For being a new type of writer. For the thousand words
that caught the interest of a queer boy from England
and caused him to dream of the world in new ways. For being
a poet and all that it entails.

Thank you, Mr Ginsberg. For being.


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