April 6th – Food

So, here it is (after much head-scratching and profanity). There was only one route to take with this prompt; my unending issue with snacking and then feeling even worse for it. I’ve tried to lose weight in all sorts of ways, some potentially more damaging than snacking to be honest, but none of it seems to work so this is a sort of lament or rant about my failures with dieting:


Temptation begins
by opening the fridge door –
a treasure trove

of chocolates, of
last night’s leftover pizza.
Gluttony whispers

in the ear, “go on,
treat yourself. You deserve it.”
a defeated hand

reaches out – succumb
to the urge, surfeit of junk;
of calories, carbs ;

of dread E-numbers.
No diet seems to end this
craving. The endless

nagging in the back
of the head to saturate
the body with toxins.

The fridge is a court
of shame. I am the only
criminal sentenced.


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