April 11th – Contrast

So, work was pretty deserted today which gave me plenty of time to write (not that I actually used much of it because this challenge required a lot of “ze little grey cells”). Anyway, here it is in all its half-baked glory:


Stood waiting,
elbows securely planted
on wooden counter
staring – at linoleum;
at ceiling tiles and office lighting.
Fridges hum in
varied monotones.
Empty chairs wait patiently
beneath empty tables.
Beyond the water-stained
windows; fields – the
undulating grass punctuated
with hedgerows,
bookended with thickets.
Time wastes itself for me.



  1. mukul chand · April 11, 2016

    great poem


  2. The Scrawlyst · April 11, 2016

    ‘Time wastes itself’. Best!


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