April 12th – World’s Wife

So, I wanted to write about Black Widow. She’s a trained killer and a queen of espionage. She could lie through her teeth and make it sound like gospel truth and she can break someone, both literally and metaphorically. Seemed ideal for this prompt. I’m pretty sure she has used her wit and cunning along with everything else to trick countless people to fall for her, only to realise much to late that she’s played them like a piano. So, here it is:
Black Widow

Ignore the dagger strapped to my thigh
that’s only for emergencies, dear.

This web of lies has you tripping over
yourself to impress me; woo me –

as if I honestly think of you as anything
more than disposable,

as if I think myself anything other than
this; femme fatale. Assassin.

Crafted to be ruthless. To trick you into
fantasies before striking.

Let this spider spin you a tale or two
before she snaps your neck,

let me show you Pyrite and make you
believe it’s Gold –

let me say “I love you” enough
that you break.


One comment

  1. uniqusatya · April 13, 2016

    I am her fan too 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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