April 13th – Fortune Cookie

So this is my fortune cookie poem. Since its the 13th and the challenge was inspired by the number 13 I figured I’d have 13 fortunes, just to be in-keeping. Hope you all enjoy:


Today it’s up to you to create the
peacefulness you long for.
Change can hurt but it leads
a path to something better.
You learn from your mistakes…
you will learn a lot today.
Suffering and wisdom often
go hand in hand.
You already know the answer
to the questions lingering in your head.
Go seek knowledge, find
yourself along the way.
It is now, in this world,
that we must live.
Nothing astonishes men so much as
common sense and plain dealing.
Be mindful of your mouth, it has
a tendency to run from you.
Life consists not of holding good cards
but of playing those you hold well.
Darkness exists in us all, it can creep
up on us at the worst times.
Life is not easy, for if it was then
we are not challenged.
You’ll be okay in the end.


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