April 16th – Catechism

So, I figured I need to give a shout out for this one. Since the content for the poem is based on this Almanac Questionnaire thing, it strikes me somewhat of an interview or a Q&A session. Hence, me borrowing a form from my old tutor, Carrie Etter. The Catechism is a pretty interesting form. It’s a call and response style of poem where the call is a constant refrain in the form of a question.For example – here is one of Carrie’s in an article for The Guardian. And so, using a simple refrain of “Where are you?”, here is my attempt:

Barista’s Catechism

Where are you?

No really, where are you?
The roads break themselves on the fields

Where are you?
A splash of coloured petal among the cracks of old concrete

Where are you?
Daydreaming about bridges, about places to meet

Where are you?
Serving coffee, attempting false smiles

Where are you?
Sea of red brick; of white paint; of corrugated iron

Where are you?
Not where I wanted to be…

Where are you?
To whom it may concern, I’m self-destructing.


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