April 19th – Didactic Poem

So, this was something I’d never even heard of until now (or at the very least, couldn’t remember). I knocked around a few ideas in my head while trying to get words down and nothing stuck because, as it turns out, I’m not that great with concrete imagery. However, I persevered and here we are:

How To Lose Someone In Ten Steps

1 – Be a spider. Lock an unsuspecting victim in your web.

2 – Shower them with affections. Watch their fall from their chests into the “safe-keeping” of your hands.

3 – Tell them how much you need them. That they are Oxygen to you.

4 – You fall in love, or at least pretend to. You fall into their bed.

5 – They plan for the future while you sit listening with a tight smile.

6 – You start to get possessive; to treat them like property. Pressing them into the crushing grip of your palm.

7 – They ask for favours you never complete. Your affections turn to spiteful barbs.

8 – Things become tense. The fingers of violence clawing at your throats. The remote control flies through the air like a song.

9 – The break up; they leave, you fake tears. Everything is broken except your murderous smile.

10 – Find another blue-eyed boy. Find another victim to ensnare.


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