April 21st – Alice

Such curious things,
these children who wander
up into the stars;
into wonderland.

Curiosity can get you killed,
dear Alice. Remember that.
Some things are
not worth investigating.

This cat smiles, the hatter
winks coyly. The hare taps his
stalled pocket watch
expectantly, as if

it has meaning. As if
there is some sense to this.
To the bark of blood
thirsty queen;

the war beneath your
world. Yes, even the plants
have their whispers here.
I know how you

stumbled, fell through
earth and madness to find
yourself lost in the
weeds again.

This was never your fight
but it appeared predestined.
It was convenient
for us to use you.

You weren’t meant to
survive insanity.


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