April 22nd – Aegean

So since it’s Earth Day and we are honouring the Earth in some form or another, I figured I’d take something out of ancient history/myth to honour; The Aegean, and by extension, Poseidon. Enjoy:

This is how you saw me;

another lost boy to be used

and I fell for it.

For the same

tired lines, tried and tested



You still smelled of the sea –

of salt and sand and paradise

and I was hooked on it.

A boy once more,

learning to love like

Gods do.


But that was long ago –

before the temple, the shouting

and I cheated.

Escaped your

clutches for one night, slight



And you still claim to want me;

be yours, be the lost boy you met

and I said nothing.

This was not

what I wanted. It was no longer



So I ran, swam for the shore.

Longing to find a new bed to frequent

and I found it.

I lay awake

terrified of the sounds of

the Aegean.



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