April 23rd – Poseidon

So, following on from yesterday, I decided to stick with Grecian myth and my problematic obsession with the God of the Sea. I’ve always been fascinated by Poseidon but let’s just say I don’t think he’d make for a very stable long-term relationship (as hopefully explored a bit better in the Sonnet). Speaking of which, here it is:


What is it to be in love with the sea?
To feel the rough caress of the
Aegean; the cool bronze of a trident
against my skin. To have hours spent
among the coral, down in this bed
of weeds with him – my beloved
God. Feel his hands crossing the map
of my body, caught in his riptide trap;
in this maelstrom of sex and madness,
suddenly longing to be free of this.
Even the raging tides can be possessive –
clawing at the skin to, unable to forgive,
to grasp the scope of his unwelcoming depths.
I’m passing out from holding my breath…


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