April 24th – Haiku

So I took this idea from Carol Ann Duffy’s poem ‘Drams’ which is a sequence of Haiku all surrounding shots (or Drams) of whisky. This one I wrote around Christmas and used Mistletoe as the conduit for the poem, so each Haiku represents a different kiss. Enjoy:


First one; full throttle –
all tongue and rough, roaming hands
desperate for more.

Next; peck on the cheek
from old flame turned firmest friend –
reminded of us

as partners in crime
when we kissed with more passion;
a flame long snuffed out.

Third – the cute one from
work; flirting is a weapon
best wielded by me.

Then, friends from uni
at Christmas parties. Flavours
and textures plenty.

This one – both taken
but unable to resist the
temptation of lips

and eyes locked – perfect
prison for long kept passions;
our secret now, dear.

Last is the best – him,
the lover’s lips at your neck
before sinking deep

into wilderness;
into the deep of it, losing
yourself to longing.


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