April 25th – Borrowed Lines

So I used the borrowed line from a poem by Andrew McMillan, ‘Strongman’. I’m using it as the title of the piece and then riffing off of it from there. Hope you enjoy:

Not Even A Minor Greek Would See As Fit To Sculpt

Us – in pieces,
viewed through
bedroom window.

The bronze of your skin,
marble of mine.
Cast here –

against the wall.
Call the piece
‘The Beast with Two Backs’;

study in love’s absence;
unwanted coupling.
Make show of this –

his back against
unpainted walls.
Mine to you

and feeling flesh press
to groin in drumbeats –
the same way that

a hammer beats
out metal until it can
never been seen as straight.



  1. Kate Warren · April 25, 2016

    Love this! ❤ x


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