April 26th – Call & Response

So this isn’t the first time I’ve written a poem like this. If you cast your mind back to the Almanac Questionnaire challenge, I did something similar then. This one, however, comes from a series of Catechisms I’ve been writing in my spare time based on some of the ludicrous questions I’ve been asked since coming out. Enjoy:

Who Hurt You?
I fell and scarred myself countless times

Who hurt you?
Sticks. Stones. Words, words, words…

Who hurt you?
A hailstorm of childish fists

Who hurt you?
She pinned me down. Silenced my “no” with a kiss.

Who hurt you?
I grew up believing I was defective

Who hurt you?
They set fire to the rainbow flag

Who hurt you?
Everyone smiles as they twist a knife into your back.


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