April 27th -Long Lines

An interesting one today, seeing as how I can’t usually write long lines to save my damn life. It actually made me think about how I’m writing and how I probably need to diversify my style a little bit. So here’s my attempt:


You say good morning as the clock chimes midnight.
I’m starting work as you’re clocking off for the day.
This distance, darling, is us personified –
too far apart to touch but touched by him
across miles, through the frenzy of pixels and
pictures on computer screens.
Skype dates are our forte; left longing by our
dear friends distance and loneliness.
Time is inconsistent. Long nights are long days
and vice versa and the words on this page
are for us. For you. For the empty space
in our bed; built for one, used by two.
There may come a point where we can co-exist,
cohesion of rings to fingers but for now it is
this; the icons of internet sites flashing
another “I miss you” message.



  1. Catherine M James · April 28, 2016

    The LDR, I know it so well. Cohesion with a lover can then mean a new LDR with friends and family instead. Such a global world we live in these days!


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