April 29th – Memory

The prompt was fairly self-evident so I chose to basically commemorate a decent round of golf and drinking afterwards. Enjoy:


I remember the way the willow branches
brushed against skin in a kindly way;
as though it were the teasing touch of a lover.

I remember how the sound of enamel
on steel as it’s struck was like the pounding
of a fresh chalk against a paving stone.

I remember how the wind swirled
and fell through the summer air as though
it were dying for it’s chosen art.

I remember how the taste of
oranges was sweeter than dew in
the uncut grasses beneath the copse.

I remember the elation at
the rattling; the sinking of ball into
cup after wayward adventures.

I remember the taste of victory; an explosion
of malt – hints of wood-smoke burning
their way down my throat.


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